Client journey

We want to really get to know you and learn how we can truly make a difference to your life. To do this we follow a four step collaborative process with you, this is tailored perfectly to your needs and circumstances.

Firstly a telephone chat, followed by longer face to face or video-conference meetings, at no cost to you. At our meetings we will:

  • Discuss your current finances and circumstances.
  • Ask you about your ambitions, goals and desires for the future.
  • Explore your worries and concerns together.
  • Try to really understand who you are and what matters most to you. We design all of our solutions around your goals and aspirations.
  • Help you to prioritise what needs action first, and what is less urgent.

The meeting will also allow you to get to know us – both as a firm and as individuals. You can ask questions and we will demonstrate how our service could help you to achieve the life you want to lead, free from financial worry.

We view this as hopefully the first step in building a lifelong and trust-based professional relationship, this is really important to us.

We will also:

  • Start to gather information about any investments and/or Pension plans you already have in place
  • Help you come up with an action plan of information / paperwork we need from you, things you need to think about further, what needs to be prioritised.

At the end of this process we will provide you with a fully costed-out quote of the services we think you need, how much they will cost, and how we believe we can add value to your circumstances.

We charge fixed fees for our advice – this means you know our fees are fair and not based on the level of your wealth or you taking out an investment product – you are simply paying for our honest advice and then our help to put that advice into place. We believe this approach builds the trust in our relationship.

We use all of the information we have gathered to complete financial forecasts – we believe this is an essential part of the advice process because:

  • It shows how your finances will look in the future if everything goes to plan.
  • We appreciate things can change – we can test the forecast with ‘what if’ scenarios to see how things could shape up in various worst-case and alternative scenarios.
  • We then use the results of those tests to put plans into place to cover those possibilities.
  • Doing this makes sure you are as protected as possible and provides you with peace of mind of knowing that all scenarios are covered.
A financial forecast looks something like the charts here

We also research the whole market for the right solutions for you and carry out any calculations needed.  We then send you a written report outlining our findings and advice.  The reports are detailed, but made as friendly and visual as possible. We appreciate the process can feel a little overwhelming at times and so we’re here to make it as transparent and clear as possible.

We work closely alongside an accountancy firm who will be ideally placed to assist with any accountancy needs.

We understand that any written report, especially one about finances, can be complex and overwhelming. That is why we meet to discuss the recommendations together, answer any queries you have and agree what to put into action.

Once we are all agreed, we make sure everything gets put into place correctly, filling out paperwork and dealing with any investment providers on your behalf.  You are kept updated at every step of the way.  We’re here to support you, we want you to benefit from our years of experience by lightning the load on you during this process.

Life and your plans can and do change and we want to make sure that what we have put into place for you continues to be the best thing for you. We will meet with you annually and go through the above process again, although this time we already have most of the information we need – we just need an update regarding any changes in your circumstances or goals.

We also keep you up to date with anything we feel you should know throughout the year, such as changes in legislation , taxation or market performance that may affect you.

And most importantly, we are always on hand if you need a sounding board or even just a chat, we want to build a trusted relationship with you.

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